2011 MOTOROLA – Empower the People

http://Motorola.com/XOOM The Tablet for All of Us. Super Bowl 2011.

Motorola’s Super Bowl commercial criticizes Apple. Their message is that “2011 is [actually] a lot like 1984.” The 1984 reference dates back to Apple’s own Super Bowl commercial where they excoritated IBM for being controlling.

Motorola is using Apple’s own message against them. Motorola claims Apple offers only one way to work, with one design and one authority and that people want more choices. Also, Motorola feels that their products are better by offering more speed, flexibility and freedom.

In the ad, a dystopian future of conformity inspired by George Orwell’s “1984,” one man stands apart from the crowd in every regard, from what he wears to the technology he uses. When he dispays his love for a woman trapped in the machine of uniformity, he uses flowers, a Motorola XOOM tablet and a little know-how with animation to lure her out of society’s homogeneity. The woman pulls out her earbuds and finally sees the man for the first time. 

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