2002 Ads [VIDEO]

Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl XXXVI (2002)
You can also find this and other playlists of the best in Super Bowl ads on our YouTube channel.

The 2002 Super Bowl commercials were some of the most memorable in history. They included classic ads from Budweiser, Pepsi and McDonald’s as well as some new crowd-pleasers from Apple Computer, E-Trade and others.

AT&T Wireless had 60second 2002 Super Bowl commercial to launch their new mLife campaign, which was created by Ogilvy & Mather, New York. The goal of this campaign was to differentiate AT&T Wireless from competitors who are mainly focused on price wars by comparing the cutting of the umbilical cord to cutting the telephone cord. The idea came from a speech given by AT&T‘s CEO, John Zeglis. The campaign also got a tone adjustment after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, adding lines to promote staying connected. 

Below is our Top Ten List of the best ads broadcast during Super Bowl XXXIV:

  1. Budweiser – “Ground Zero Clydesdale Salute”
  2. Bud Light – “RoboBash”
  3. Charles Schwab – “Retirement with Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron”
  4. Levis – “Crazy Legs”
  5. Pepsi – “Generations”
  6. Visa Check Card – “7 Degrees”
  7. Bud Light – “Satin Sheets”
  8. ETrade – “Monkey Musical”
  9. Lipton Brisk – “Danny Devito gets fired”
  10. Computer Associates – “Ready for the Meeting”