1998 Ads [VIDEO]

Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl XXXII (1998)
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In February 1998, there was no shortage of memorable and impactful Super Bowl advertising. As always, brands used this opportunity to showcase their products and services in a unique and memorable way. Here we take a look at some of the top ads from that year, and why they were so brand aligned.

Memorable ads from 1998 include Pepsi’s animated “Bug Sings Brown Sugar” spot, Mars M&M’s “Dick Clark” commercial, and Volvo’s “Gus” ad. Each of these spots had something unique to offer viewers, while still staying true to their respective brands. 

Overall, Super Bowl advertising in 1998 proved to be just as powerful as it is today. Brands used this opportunity to showcase their products in an entertaining and effective way that resonated with viewers all over the world. If you want to watch any of these classic ads again, SuperBowl-Ads.com is a great website to engage with and explore more about these amazing commercials from 1998!

Top 10 Ads from February 1998: 

1) Tabasco – Mosquito 

2) Doritos – 3D Snacks with Ali Landry

3) Pontiac Grand Prix – Roadrunner

4) Budweiser – Lizards get Frogs

5) Pepsi – Sky Surfing

6) American Express – Jerry Seinfeld 

7) Pepsi – Jeff Gordon

8) Bud Light  – Chicken Plays Pool

9) Lipton Brisk – Babe Ruth

10) ATT – Angela Likes Bobby

For a pre-game ad, Pizza Hut has blended movie scenes of Elvis Presley to make it appear as if the late rockn roll legend has stopped by for a bite of its new Edge pizza.

Nike Inc. persuaded basketball star David Robinson, as well as runners Michael Johnson and Suzy Hamilton, to remove their clothing for their Super Bowl commercial. The advertisement promotes its athletic wear asthe evolution of skin“, and clever camera work ensured it did not receive an Xrating.

In a commercial for Network Associates, two missile site security guards are seen releasing a nuclear missile. Despite their worries that the launch command could have been issued by a computer hacker, they ultimately choose to disregard it and follow the order. Network Associates creates software to protect computer networks against intrusions.

AnheuserBusch Inc., a regular at the Super Bowl, has four minutes of ads during the game. In a series of commercials, Louie the Lizard plots ways to overthrow the frogs that have been featured in Budweiser‘s recent ads. And, other Bud Light ads feature a chicken playing pool and husbands tricking their wives while they are out shopping.

PepsiCola Co. had two commercials during the Super bowl in 1998 that featured their new blue cans. The first ad features a Generation X couple adorned with nose rings and drinking Pepsi, even spraying it from where it was pierced. The second commercial follows a bug that takes a sip of a spilled Pepsi and is subsequently transformed into a rock star singing the Rolling Stones’ song “Brown Sugar”.

In the Lipton Brisk commercial, animated clay models of former New York Yankee baseball stars, such as Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson, are featured. After a night out, Ruth appears to be exhausted and has difficulty swinging the bat. On one swing, the bat slips from his grip, knocking over a clay model of the Yankees’ owner, George Steinbrenner. Fortunately, a can of Brisk helps Ruth to recover and play again.

In a Mars/M&M‘s ad, a red M&M and a yellow M&M, who had proclaimed themselves as the official candy of the millennium, attempted to get famous New Year‘s Eve host Dick Clark to preside over their millennial celebration. However, Clark declines their invitation.

The 1998 Volvo Super Bowl commercial features Gus–a veteran truck driver with 30 years of experience behind the wheelsharing hislife lessons as the inside of his truck is showcased. Gus proudly statesSuccess hasnt spoiled me and his gloved butler then appears with a velvet box containing his toothpick.

First time Super Bowl advertiser Hormel kicked off with two ads during the broadcast. Out of Control by works hard to attach overthetop, goofball excitement to a rookie Super Bowl brand, and “Bold Innovation” by presenting the viewers with an automobile shrouded in a cover, bringing to mind a car being kept at a desert test track, waiting for the moment when the auto magazine photographers will appear. As the viewers begin to speculate, Hormel delivers the twist that keeps people enthralled, and if they remain, they get to hear the humorous rapid-talk kicker which caps off the commercial.

At the start of the 1998 Bud Light Super Bowl ad, one roommate looks into an empty refrigerator and says,Hey, I thought you were going to buy some Bud Light?”, to which the second one walks in and answers,Do you see any Bud Light?” As the first moves away, the second one reveals the Bud Light hidden in the fridge.

As they strolled down the street, Jerry Seinfeld and Superman were discussing something when suddenly Superman spotted Lois Lane, who needed help. After investigating, they discovered that she had forgotten her wallet. Unfortunately, Superman was powerless to provide assistance, as he couldn‘t carry money in his tights. Fortunately, Jerry Seinfeld was able to come to the rescue with his American Express card.

In the 1998 Super Bowl, Molson Ice aired an ad featuring the McKenzie Brothers, Rick Moranis as Bob and Dave Thomas as Doug. The two beerguzzling, dimwitted brothers from SCTV fame, who frequently used the wordEh? and often called each otherhoser. During the ad, their plane was hit by turbulence and their beer rolled out the open door. Bob jumped out of the plane in an attempt to save it and Doug followed with a parachute. When they met in midair, Bob rejects the parachute and the two plummet to the ground and land in the snow.