2008 Ads [VIDEO]

Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl XLII (2008)
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2008 marked the year of memorable Super Bowl commercials. From Budweiser’s iconic Clydesdales to GoDaddy’s risqué ads, there was something for everyone. Some of the most recognizable ads from 2008 included Bud Light’s Jackie Moon ads played by Will Ferrell, Doritos’ ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ winners, and E*Trade’s banking monkey. 

The highest rated commercial in Sunday’s down-to-the-wire Super Bowl battle was an ad for Victoria’s Secret, according to Nielsen analysis released today.

The Bud Light advertisement featured an improvisational endorsement from Will Ferrell’s character in New Line Cinema’s release of Semi Pro initially that was intended to be an online short, but Anheuser-Busch executives decided to put the ad on Fox’s Super Bowl telecast during the fourth quarter.

Doritos always produced fan favorite commercials during SuperBowls and their 2008 ad was no exception. After launching their “Crash The Super Bowl” contest in 2007, Doritos had viewers vote online on their favorite ads submitted by fans. The winning entries aired during halftime – including “Free Doritos”, featuring a grandpa stealing chips from an unsuspecting man in an elevator; “Mouse Trap”, where hungry office workers turn into animals when they catch sight of their beloved cheese snacks; and “Checkout Girl”, in which an attractive woman intimidates an uncool teenage boy at the grocery checkout line with her mad cowbell skills. Viewers still remember these commercials fondly today! 

E*Trade also made an impression on viewers with its banking monkey commercial that aired before kickoff. The ad features a monkey named Milhouse using E*Trade’s website to buy stocks in banana futures, showing how easy it is even for non-experts to use their services – all while delivering some quick witted puns like “Monkey see, money do” and “Simianomics 101″. E*Trade left viewers laughing and wanting to try out their services immediately after seeing this ad! 


The top 10 ads from 2008 Super Bowl XLII were:

1) Coca-Cola – “It’s Mine”

2) 2008 Budweiser – Dalmatian Trains “Hank” for Team

3) Victoria’s Secret – “In The Mood”

4) Sobe Life Water – “Thrillicious”

5) FedEx – “Carrier Pigeons”

6) ETrade – “Baby Spits Up”

7) Bud Light – “Wheel Suck”

8) Bridgestone – “Scream”

9) Doritos – “Mouse Trap”

10) Pepsi – “Every Sip” with Justin Timberlake


These are just some of the most popular commercials from 2008 – but there were many more memorable ones that aired that day too! And if you want to relive them or watch them again for nostalgia’s sake – you can at SuperBowl-Ads.com! They have been collecting Super Bowl commercials since 1998 and are widely acknowledged as one of the best sites on the web for watching classic clips from past years’ games alongside new ones from today! It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to remember some of your favorites or introduce others to these classic pieces of advertising history!