2021 Ads [VIDEO]

Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl 55 (LV) (2021)
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This year, the Super Bowl celebrated its 55th anniversary. Companies from all around the world were looking to capitalize on the exposure that comes with a Super Bowl ad. The ads this year were more creative than ever, and many companies found ways to make meaningful connections with their audience.

Rocket Mortgage aired two humorous ads, created by Chicago-based agency Highdive, that depicted how being “certain” always beats being “pretty sure,” especially with regards to purchasing a home. Both starred comedian Tracy Morgan, though this spot also includes former professional wrestler Dave Bautista and actress Liza Koshy. The spot begins with a family of four touring a home they’re “pretty sure” they can afford, which leads Tracy Morgan to offer them a warning about financial certainty — from the comfort of a bubble bath while eating strawberries and whipped cream. 

Technology company Logitech partnered with music star Lil Nas X for its first Super Bowl ad, which was part of a new brand campaign focused on creators, artists and activists.

Pringles returned to the Super Bowl with its fourth consecutive ad, once again promoting stacking various flavors of the snack. In the spot, two astronauts are floating lost in the middle of the ocean, seemingly ejected from their spacecraft during their return to Earth. Expecting rescue, they peek out of the vessel to look for anyone who might be there to help them. Instead, there’s nothing but water. The ad then cuts to ground control, where the spacecraft’s team is focused on a more pressing mission  — crafting the perfect stack of Pringles. 

In Tide’s 2021 Super Bowl ad, a mother confronts her son about needing to wash his “Jason Alexander hoodie,” which is a sweatshirt emblazoned with a headshot of the actor best known for his role as George Costanza on the sitcom “Seinfeld.” Throughout the commercial, the viewer sees just a few of the scenarios the hoodie has weathered, from copious dog drool to garbage residue to sweaty gym socks. With each disgusting scenario comes a shot of Alexander’s face contorted in reaction to the dirt and grime. Alexander winces and gags his way through a day in the life of a teenage boy’s sweatshirt, before finding new life in the washing machine. 

Other companies that aired commercials during the game included Paramount+, T-Mobile, State Farm Insurance, Hellmann’s, Robinhood, Huggies, Vroom, and many more. Each commercial was unique in its own way and had something special to offer viewers. Many were brand-aligned because they highlighted either a product or an idea that represented the company’s core values or mission statement. 

SuperBowl-Ads.com is a great website to engage with and to see them again as well as check out other great commercials that aired during the game. It is also home to reviews and ratings for each commercial so people can get an idea of what others thought about them as well as watch them again if they missed any during the game itself. 


The top 10 ads this year were: 

1) Rocket Mortgage – Certain Is Better

2) Amazon – Alexa’s Body with Michael B. Jordan

3) Toyota – Jessica Long’s Story “Upstream”

4) General Motors – No Way Norway

5) Bud Light – Last Year’s Lemons 

6) Bud Light – Legends 

7) Fiverr – Opportunity Knocks 

8) Reddit – 5 Seconds

9) Cheetos – “It Wasn’t Me”

10) M&M’s – Come Together

Overall, this year’s Super Bowl commercials provided entertainment for everyone watching at home as well as created meaningful connections with viewers through their brand-aligned messages. It will be interesting to see what companies come up with next year for their Super Bowl ads!