2009 Ads [VIDEO]

Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl XLIII (2009)
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The 2009 Super Bowl provided some muchneeded entertainment and optimism during a time of economic crisis. From hilarious commercials featuring moose and bugs, to Bruce Springsteen‘s soulstirring halftime performance, the game was full of memorable moments. The Super Bowl is known for its over-the-top commercials, and the 2009 Super Bowl commercials were no exception. From talking babies to talking lizards, there were plenty of memorable ads to keep viewers entertained. SuperBowl-Ads.com is a great place to watch all the ads again and to find out exactly why each one was so memorable. This collection of Super Bowl Ads from 2009 includes the most iconic commercials from that year. It features commercials from companies such as Pepsi, Budweiser, and Doritos. 

This year‘s Super Bowl commercials were largely a combination of nostalgia and slapstick, with Bud Light, Pepsi, Doritos, Denny‘s, Monster, SOBE, Career Builder, Teleflora, Toyota Venza, and Cash4Gold all making an appearance. However, most of the ads failed to make an impact and some even backfired. Bud Light‘sDrinkability approach and Budweiser‘sGenerations spot were both met with disappointment, while Pepsi and Doritos used successful slapstick comedy. Denny‘s offered a free Grand Slam breakfast, while Cash4Gold may have seen the biggest return on their investment.

Several guys took an impossible battering for Pepsi Max, yet popped up to yell, “I’m good.”

Alec Baldwin for Hulu.com showed the “30 Rock” star reveal his evil plot to turn our brains to mush through online TV viewing — because he’s an alien.

Last minute changes were made by PepsiCo, which dropped a planned 15-second commercial for SoBe Lifewater and added a 60-second spot for Pepsi-Cola. The Pepsi commercial featured characters from a sketch on “Saturday Night Live” called “MacGruber,” which parodies the old ABC series “MacGyver.” The ad debuted Saturday night during the 90-minute “SNL” block, when a series of “MacGruber” skits made references to the soft drink and MacGruber changed his name to Pepsuber.

General Electric ran two spots instead of one.

Postgame polls and surveys will offer assessments of the hits and flops, with Budweiser and CareerBuilder.com commercials were among the topranked spots, and GoDaddy.com, H&R Block, Pepsi Max and movie commercials fell short.

The top 10 ads from 2009 Super Bowl XLIII were:

1) Hulu.com – Alec is Alien in Hollywood

2) E*Trade – “Talking Baby” 

3) Coca-Cola – “Heist”

4) Bridgestone – “Sheep”

5) Monster.com – “Double Take”

6) Doritos – “Free Doritos” 

7) CareerBuilder – “Tips”

8) Budweiser – “Clydesdale Plays Fetch”

9) NBC – “LMAO”

10) Pepsi Max – “I’m Good”