2007 Ads [VIDEO]

Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl XLI (2007)
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Let’s look back at one of the best Super Bowl Commercials years in history: Super Bowl XLI, which aired in 2007, featured some of the biggest brands of the time, Super Bowl XLI ads left an indelible mark on viewers that are still discussed today.

A standout commercial from 2007 was CareerBuilder’s humorous office survival game. Employees decked in office supplies battle in front of some board members. This commercial resonated with office workers nationwide who could easily relate to its message about feeling trapped in their work environment. 

The GM robot ad showing a quality-obsessed General Motors Corp. robot jumping off a bridge in a dream sequence after screwing up on the job. The New York-based American Foundation for Suicide Prevention says it started getting complaints the day after the ad aired. It wants GM to pull the ad from its website, try to get it off video-sharing websites such as YouTube and apologize. “It was inappropriate to use depression and suicide as a way to sell cars,” said Robert Gebbia, the foundation’s executive director.

Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest was in its’ first year. One of the winning ads was made from a team in Cary, North Carolina for around $400.00 called Doritos “Live the Flavor.”
These are just a few examples of the memorable commercials from 2007’s Super Bowl broadcast that stuck with viewers for years afterwards. If you haven’t caught up on all these classics yet, then SuperBowl-Ads.com is the perfect place for you! It’s the go-to source for watching all your favorite ads from past years’ Super Bowl broadcasts in one convenient location so you never miss out on any part of this exciting annual tradition!