2000 Ads [VIDEO]

Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl XXXIV (2000)
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The Super Bowl of 2000, famously known as the Dot-Com Bowl, was a memorable one for many reasons. Advertising during this game was especially noteworthy as it was the first time a large number of exclusively online companies used television commercials to promote themselves. These commercials, many of which were absolutely hilarious and memorable, have become some of the most iconic Super Bowl ads in history. 

One of the most famous commercials of this game was the Pets.com ad. Featuring a lovable sock puppet, the commercial showed him engaging in a variety of activities such as singing and dancing, all while promoting Pets.com’s online pet supplies store. Although the company itself didn’t last long, the sock puppet has become a beloved household name.

Another iconic commercial from the Dot-Com Bowl was the E-Trade ad. This commercial featured E-Trade’s dancing monkey. In the commercial, E*Trade admits to wasting two million dollars on a Super Bowl commercial in which we watch a chimpanzee and two men in flannel dance and clap to Latin music playing on a boom box. It was a hilarious and effective commercial that helped make E-Trade a household name.

Here’s our list of the Top Ten commercials of the ‘dot-com’ bowl of 2000:

  1. EDS – “Cat Herding”
  2. ETrade – “Monkey Dance”
  3. Budweiser – “Rex Cries”
  4. Nuveen Investments- “Christopher Reeves Walks”
  5. Pets.com – “Sock Puppet”
  6. Tabasco – “God”
  7. Mountain Dew – “Bad Cheetah”
  8. FedEx – “Oz Delivery”
  9. Mountain Dew – “Bohemian Rhapsody Parody”
  10. Budweiser – “Fred”

These were just some of the most iconic commercials of the Dot-Com Bowl. Despite the fact that many of the companies featured in these commercials no longer exist, their commercials will be remembered for years to come. At SuperBowl-Ads.com, you can view all of these commercials and more. This website is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the ads that made the Super Bowl such an iconic advertising experience.