2016 Ads [VIDEO]

For the Super Bowl in February 2016, there were a number of amazing commercials that were brand aligned and definitely caught the attention of viewers everywhere. SuperBowl-Ads.com is a great website to engage with, to rewatch these commercials again and again, and to see which brands made the cut for the top five ads of that same year.

The first ad that gained a lot of attention was Budweiser’s “Simply Put” commercial. This commercial was about taking a stand against drunk driving and featuring Helen Mirren as an authoritative figure who calls out those who do not take this issue seriously. This was a great way for Budweiser to align itself with a cause that is important to its customers and to give back to society.

Another commercial featured was an ad from Doritos. Known as “Ultrasound”, this commercial showed a pregnant mother eating Doritos while her husband is trying to take pictures of their unborn baby on an ultrasound machine. The ad was humorous yet also had a strong message about family and parenting, which helped Doritos stay brand-aligned with its customers.

The third commercial featured during this Super Bowl was from Pepsi Max. The “Uncle Drew” ad showed an elderly man who asked some young basketball players if he could join them in a pickup game after they made fun of him for being old. It was clear that Pepsi Max wanted to show how its product can bring people together, no matter their age or background.

The fourth commercial shown during this big game was from Avocados From Mexico. This ad featured a group of aliens discussing their findings on Earth after they observed it from space, only to find out that avocados from Mexico are one of the most popular fruits on the planet. This creative concept helped Avocados From Mexico stay brand aligned with its customers by showing how much people love their product even from outer space! 

Finally, the last ad that gained attention during this Super Bowl was from Hyundai’s “Ryanville” commercial. The ad focused on Ryan Reynolds as he drove through town and every woman he passed by fell head over heels for him in appreciation for his Hyundai vehicle. This humorous ad showed how Hyundai vehicles can attract attention from everyone around you, making it brand-aligned with its customers who want to stand out from the crowd and feel like stars in their own right! 

These were some of the most memorable ads during this year’s Super Bowl and clearly demonstrated how each company stayed brand aligned with their customers while also promoting their products in unique ways! If you are interested in watching these commercials again or seeing what other brands have released during past games, then be sure to check out SuperBowl-Ads.com!

The Top 10 list of the best ads of 2016

  1. Honda – A New Truck to Love
  2. Heinz – Weiner Stampede
  3. Kia – Walken Closet
  4. Hyundai – Ryanville
  5. Skittles – Strephen Tyler Portrait
  6. Budweiser – Simply Put.
  7. Doritos – Doritos Dogs
  8. Butterfinger – Bolder Than Bold Jump
  9. Mini – Defy Labels
  10. Pokémon – I Can Do That

Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl 50 (L) (2016)
You can also find this and other playlists of the best in Super Bowl ads on our YouTube channel.

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