2015 Ads [VIDEO]

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events in the United States, and the advertising that accompanies it is among the most expensive in the world. February 2015 saw several high-profile companies vying for attention with their ads during the game, some of which have become legendary. Here, we take a look at why each Super Bowl commercial was brand aligned, and why SuperBowl-Ads.com is a great website to engage with and to see them again.

It is little surprise that Budweiser was one of the biggest advertisers during this year’s Super Bowl, with its ‘Lost Dog’ commercial becoming one of the most memorable from that year. The ad featured a puppy being reunited with his owner – a Budweiser delivery driver – and was seen as an emotionally engaging way to promote their product. 

Another big name in Super Bowl advertising during 2015 was Coca-Cola, who released a commercial that showed how hate can be overcome be overcome by spreading a little happiness. It was seen as an effective way to show how a Coke spreads joy throughout the world. – a message integral to Coca-Cola’s brand identity. 

Toyota also had an ad during this year’s Super Bowl that featured Paralympic athlete and actress Amy Purdy shows her running, snowboarding, mountain biking, ballroom dancing and driving a 2015 Toyota Camry, all while wearing custom prosthetic legs, with a clip of Muhammad Ali‘s famous speech in the background. The commercial is part of the brand‘sOne Bold Choice Leads to Another campaign for the 2015 Camry, and is set to air during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. It also highlighted Toyota’s commitment to making vehicles that are accessible for people of all abilities – something which has been at the heart of its brand values since it launched its first car in 1937. 

Finally, Microsoft released an ad during this year’s Super Bowl that highlighted its commitment to helping people with disabilities live more independent lives through technology. The commercial featured former NFL linebacker Steve Gleason using one of Microsoft’s products, demonstrating how technology can empower those living with disabilities by giving them access to tools they would not otherwise have access to. 

All five commercials demonstrate how each company managed to successfully align itself with its brand values while engaging viewers with emotionally powerful content. For those interested in reliving these inspiring ads again or discovering some hidden gems from past years, SuperBowl-Ads.com is a great website for doing so – making it easier than ever before for viewers to stay up-to-date on all things related to Super Bowl advertising. 


The top 10 ads from 2015 Super Bowl XLIX were: 

1) Budweiser – Lost Dog 

2) Victoria’s Secret 

3) Mophie – “All Powerless”

4) Loctite Glue – “Positive Feelings”

5) Doritos – “When Pigs Fly”

6) P&G – “Like a Girl” 

7) Esurance – “Sorta Your Mom” with Lindsay Lohan

8) Microsoft – “Braylon O’neil”

9) Snickers – “Brady Bunch”

10) Doritos – “Cheesy Pirates”

Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl XLIX (2015)

You can also find this and other playlists of the best in Super Bowl ads on our YouTube channel.

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