2018 Ads [VIDEO]

Companies that advertise during the Super Bowl put together creative campaigns to capture the attention of viewers worldwide. This year, Super Bowl LII was no different. The most talked about and memorable commercials of Super Bowl LII were those that aligned with their brands. Each commercial had a unique message that resonated with viewers and drove them to interact with the brand in some way. Some commercials focused on humorous content, while others focused on more serious topics like social issues or politics. 

One of the most successful commercials was Budweiser’s “Stand by You” campaign which focused on the company’s commitment to supporting those affected by natural disasters. The commercial featured a heartwarming story and an inspiring message that resonated with viewers worldwide. 

Another successful commercial was Tide’s “It’s a Tide Ad” campaign which humorously poked fun at other Super Bowl commercials by featuring various celebrities in different scenarios that all ended up being tied back to Tide detergent. The success of this campaign was due to its clever use of humor and its ability to align with the core values of the Tide brand – cleanliness and freshness. 

The success of these two campaigns is indicative of how important it is for companies to align their advertising efforts with their brand values. If a company is able to successfully communicate their brand message in an entertaining and engaging way, then they are likely to be successful in driving consumer engagement and sales. 

If you want to watch these memorable commercials again, then you should check out SuperBowl-Ads.com – a website dedicated to showcasing all Super Bowl commercials from years past. You can also use the website as a resource for finding out about new campaigns that are scheduled for upcoming seasons as well as information about past campaigns that have been successful or unsuccessful in driving consumer interest and sales. 

Here is a list of some of the top 10 ads from Super Bowl LII: 

1) Amazon – Alexa Loses Her Voice

2) Tide – It’s a Tide Ad 

3) Doritos – Blaze vs Mtn Dew Ice  

4) Toyota – Good Odds 

5) Budweiser – Stand By You

6) Squarespace – Make It with Keanu Reeves

7) Toyota – One Team

8) M&M’s – Human

9) Bud Light – The Bud Knight  

10) Hyundai’s – Hope Detector


Here’s our playlist of the commercials from Super Bowl 52 (LII) (2018)
You can also find this and other playlists of the best in Super Bowl ads on our YouTube channel.


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