1999 HOTJOBS.com Security Guard

In the 1999 30-second Super Bowl XXXIII ad for HotJobs.com, a security guard can be seen searching the HotJobs.com website for the perfect job, and imagining some alternatives until he discovers his dream job.

Richard Johnson, HotJobs.com’s CEO and President, watched the Super Bowl and saw the security guard in his 30-second Super Bowl XXXIII ad find his dream job. Within moments, Johnson came to understand the enormous potential of advertising in the Super Bowl. “The demand hit our servers, it confirmed for us that the Super Bowl is indeed the Holy Grail of advertising,” Johnson comments. Five minutes after the ad had aired, www.hotjobs.com had experienced a five-fold increase in access, and thanks to the press coverage of the company’s voyage to the Super Bowl, HotJobs.com had completely transformed; as Johnson says, “Last week we were an Internet company. This week we’re a brand.”

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