1999 7UP – Coach “Anti-Refreshment Syndicate”

Coach is a machine from the “Anti-Refreshment Syndicate” to thwart people from drinking what they really want. Men in Black-style agents of the Anti-Refreshment Syndicate are searching for teenagers who defy convention by buying 7 UP, which turns them into ‘Uns’. Teasers began getting released in December of 1998 featuring mysterious agents of the Syndicate showing up in unexpected places, like high school lockers or popcorn buckets. This new hip and edgy campaign is designed to appeal to the independent thinker, who will not be influenced by the opinions of others. This ad which appeared durting the Super Bowl in 1999 has a robotish / syndicate-controlled coach as he tries to push a sports drink on his player, the ‘Un’ shows that he’s different. This advertisement was part of a series of 15 seconds spots with the same theme.

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