YouTube CTV Draws 20% More Viewers than Traditional TV for Super Bowl Ads

Advertisers achieved significantly higher viewership by placing their Super Bowl commercials on YouTube Connected TV (CTV) alongside traditional linear TV, according to media measurement firm Comscore. Their analysis revealed that YouTube reached 88% of adults aged 18 to 49 with a Super Bowl ad, compared to 68% on linear TV. This shift highlights the transformation in how and where content is consumed, emphasizing the growing importance of streaming platforms.

The data underscores the challenges advertisers face in reaching their target audiences across the diverse landscape of viewership platforms. While Comscore’s Campaign Ratings showed that YouTube CTV can substantially extend a campaign’s reach when combined with linear TV, this transition could pose challenges to the cable industry, which has traditionally relied on live sports to retain viewers.

Gen Z’s preference for YouTube as their primary content consumption platform is also contributing to the shift. This demographic not only watches content on YouTube but also engages with and makes purchases based on the ads they see. Over 60% of adults aged 18-34 who viewed an ad on YouTube did not see it on linear TV, according to Comscore.

While linear TV remains relevant, especially for live sports, Comscore suggests that advertisers need a cross-platform approach to effectively engage fragmented audiences.

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