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With the 2016 Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, many of the highly-anticipated commercials have already been released leading up to the big game.

The commercials, of course, are always one of the biggest attractions of the day—some people only watch the game for that very reason! In fact, they’re so popular that the average cost of a 30-second slot soared to about $5 million this year (up 11% from last year, according to Business Insider). This year’s broadcaster, CBS, says the last remaining spot could even go for somewhere around $6 million.

But will the 2016 commercials surpass some of the previous years’ ads in terms of viewer popularity? Well, with faces like Ryan Reynolds starring in one and Seal‘s voice serenading us in others—both of their ads were released on Monday—it’s safe to say things are looking good.

Check out all of the Super Bowl 2016 commercials released so far below:

Skittles’ “Portrait”

The candy giant unveiled their Super Bowl 50 commercial featuring Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. The frontman is the first celebrity to star in Skittles’ long-standing “Taste the Rainbow” campaign.

Budweiser’s “Simply Put”

The ad features none other than Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren advising consumers to avoid drinking and driving, but with a flair that only the British star could pull off. As part of the company’s #GiveADamn campaign, Mirren is shown telling the camera, “If you drive drunk, you—simply put— are a shortsighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting human form of pollution, a Darwin award-deserving selfish coward.”

Hyundai’s “Ryanville”

While driving in their 2017 Hyundai Elantra, two women become distracted by the fact that every man they pass—from police officers to construction workers to a group playing football—is the always-handsome Ryan Reynolds.  Luckily, “the car that doesn’t get distracted,” warns them before they almost run into another version of Reynolds crossing the street with a slew of puppies.

The NFL’s “Super Bowl Babies” featuring Seal

In this silly commercial, Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” gets an update with different groups of “Super Bowl Babies,” aka people who may have been conceived the night of the big game in years past. An opening title card explains, “Data suggests nine months after a Super Bowl victory, winning cities see a rise in births. They’re called Super Bowl Babies.” The groups go on to sing alongside Seal about their conception in various football cities that rep teams like the Packers, the Patriots, the Cowboys and more.

T-Mobile’s “You Got Carriered” Featuring Drake

T-Mobile shows how phone carrier services “ruin everything” by attempting to put a corporate twist on Drake‘s “Hotline Bling.” The rapper makes us giggle with his sarcastic response.

Acura’s “What He Said”

In order to introduce Acura’s new NSX, the commercial features Van Halen‘s “Runnin’ With the Devil” and shows the car’s creation from start to finish. Definitely something that will catch any car enthusiast’s attention!

Avocados From Mexico’s “Avocados in Space”

A group of aliens in outer space take a tour of a museum filled with things from earth, including Scott Baio, Emoji’s and avocados from Mexico that are in-season all year long.

AXE’s “Find Your Magic”

The commercial for the men’s grooming goods encourages all dudes to embrace what makes the unique—whether it be their nose, their love for kittens or their wardrobe.

Colgate’s “Save Water” PSA

Colgate encourages people to turn off their faucets while brushing their teeth, revealing the statistic that doing so will save somewhere near 4 gallons of water per brush.

Death Wish Coffee’s “Storm’s a-Brewin’”

The winner of Super Bowl 50’s “Small Business, Big Game” contest compares the strength of Death Wish Coffee to Vikings taking on a super-storm.

Heinz’s “Wiener Stampede”

This adorable commercial pulls at all our heartstrings as a bunch of Dachshund puppies in hot dog costumes race toward their owners who are, appropriately, wearing condiment ensembles.

Hyundai’s “The Chase”

Another spot for their new Elanta, Hyundai reveals the importance of their remote start system—which can be used by talking into your smart watch—as two people escape a couple of hungry bears while running through a forest. (Fun fact: the bears can talk, too!)

Kia Optima’s “Walken Closet” featuring Christopher Walken

With the help of Christopher Walken‘s dead-pan stare, Kia encourages people to step away from the “beige socks” of the world and make a statement!

LG’s “The Man From the Future” Starring Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson explains to a young prodigy how the “future must be protected,” advertising LG’s new OLED televisions that will “change everything.”

Mini’s “Defy Label”

Mini’s commercial enlists a group of famous faces, including: Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, Tony Hawk, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, Harvey Keitel and more. It encourages the message that no one can define what or who you are.

Pokémon’s “Train On”

In honor of its 20th anniversary, Pokémon’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial comes with a “you can do it” attitude, featuring athletes, chess players and, of course, gamers.

Quicken Loans’ “What We Were Thinking”

Quicken Loans seeks to make home-buying easier for consumers through their new Rocket Mortgage program, which “makes an intimidating process an easy one” by bringing it directly to our phones.

Shock Top’s “Unfiltered Talk”

The funny commercial sees comedian and Silicon Valley actor T.J. Miller trading hilarious insults back and forth with Shock Top’s sunglasses-wearing orange wedge mascot.

SoFi’s “Great Loans for Great People”

Lender brand SoFi asks people to seek out their greatness, classifying different people throughout the commercial as “great” or “not great,” of course with a sarcastic and silly twist.

Source: Google News Super Bowl Commercials
Watch All the Super Bowl 2016 Commercials Released So Far – E! Online

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