Watch Lil Wayne Chill With George Washington in Odd Super Bowl Ad –

In what could be the strangest commercial aired during Super Bowl 50, Lil Wayne and “George Washington” will hang out and watch the Big Game together in an ad for The site shared a brief 15-second trailer for the commercial Wednesday, with the rapper lounging on the couch while anxiously awaiting for the first president to bring over some buns.

“It’s almost party time and George left on a bun run hours ago. Now Lil Wayne is getting worried,” the description for “The Arrival” reads, with the hashtag #MovinOnUp applied to the ad itself. According to Adweek, the commercial will also star actor Jeff Goldblum – he’s played spokesperson “Brad Bellflower” in previous ads – and will focus on how Americans are renting their homes now more than ever before.

“What we wanted to do for the Super Bowl was a little bit different – it really is about celebrating apartment lifestyles,” CMO Becky Carr told the magazine. “I think the commercial talks about the joys and excitement of moving on up into a new apartment.”

Lil Wayne won’t be the only celebrity to pop up in a Super Bowl 50 commercial: Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen and Ronda Rousey will star in a Bud Light ad. And then there’s Pikachu, who shows up in a Super Sunday ad for Pokémon, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016.

Source: Google News Super Bowl Commercials

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