Watch For Even More Celebrities And Music In Super Bowl LV Ads

Celebrities and music have long played an important role in Super Bowl advertising. An article I published with colleagues in the Journal of Consumer Affairs found that over a recent 10-year period, 36.5% of Super Bowl ads featured celebrities and that a strong majority included music, either as a major element of the ad or in the background. So, it is not exactly bold to suggest that celebrities and music will be widely used in this year’s Super Bowl. However, according to Tim Hale, Chief Talent Officer of Extreme Reach, a cloud technology platform for TV and video ad workflow company that has managed the traffic and delivery of 70% of Super Bowl commercials in recent years, this year’s game will see a significant increase in the use of celebrities and music as a central element of ads.

Hale, a seasoned advertising industry executive who is finishing up an MBA at DePaul University, notes that trends related to Covid-19 are driving increased use of celebrities and is predicting a 10-20% increase in celebrity use, while the use of non-celebrities will decline by 15% or more. “The pandemic has also forced smaller cast sizes in productions, which partially supports the higher dollars going to individual celebrities,” says Hale, “In some cases, commercials can be done with a minimal setup, so the commercials are easier to produce.”

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