CareerBuilder’s Chimps Are Back In The Bowl

The 30-second spot, created by CareerBuilder’s in-house agency, features the chimps creating chaos for the only human employee in the hypothetical firm while they’re on a business trip that has gone terribly wrong.

“Our ads present an experience that almost anyone can relate to: not being in an ideal work situation,” said Cynthia McIntyre, vice president of marketing and communications at CareerBuilder. “You have to have a message that resonates with viewers and pulls your brand through. You also have to be entertaining,” she said. “We’ve always used humor. A lot of advertisers do. But you can’t just tell a joke for the sake of the joke. It’s got to tie effectively into your brand and the ultimate message you’re trying to get across.”

CareerBuilder first introduced the chimps during their Super Bowl debut in 2005, and they appeared again in 2006 before the company switched to other creative concepts. After a five year hiatus, the chimps went back to work at Yeknom Industries (monkey spelled backwards) in their 2011 Super Bowl spot and they are appearing again this year.

The ads have ranked high in likeability in USA Today’s Ad Meter; Ace Metrix, meanwhile, found they rank low on persuasion.

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