TurboTax’s ‘Make Your Moves Count’ Campaign Paves Road to Super Bowl LVIII

As the landscape of income diversifies with gig work, side hustles, and investments, tax season can appear increasingly complex, particularly for millennials and Gen Z. Recognizing this, Intuit’s TurboTax is launching a new campaign, “Make Your Moves Count,” aimed at simplifying taxes for this younger, dynamic demographic. This initiative will culminate in the brand’s 11th consecutive Super Bowl appearance, a testament to TurboTax’s enduring presence in the lives of countless Americans navigating their financial journeys.

Nick Soukas, Senior Vice President of Marketing of Intuit’s Consumer Group, emphasized the campaign’s intent to celebrate significant life changes, or “moves,” from buying homes to starting businesses. TurboTax aims to ensure these milestones don’t become tax hurdles but rather opportunities for optimized returns. “We want to celebrate those moments and make sure that they don’t see tax as a limitation,” Soukas stated, underlining the brand’s commitment to supporting ambitious life choices.

The “Make Your Moves Count” campaign will feature various scenarios to which many modern consumers can relate. One spot, for instance, humorously depicts a couple navigating a turbulent housing market by purchasing a houseboat, only to realize the tax implications of their new home. Another commercial portrays a man excited to learn that he qualifies for TurboTax’s free software solution, emphasizing the brand’s versatility and inclusivity.

This campaign isn’t just about making taxes less intimidating; it’s about showcasing TurboTax’s comprehensive suite of services, including one-on-one personal accounting consultations and AI-powered accuracy checks. These innovations reflect TurboTax’s evolution as part of Intuit, which also owns CreditKarma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, marking a transformation from a tax software company to a global financial technology platform.

As the campaign rolls out, TurboTax is also reinforcing its connection with diverse audiences, offering real-time Spanish translation and Spanish-language spots to cater to the Latino community. This inclusivity extends to the brand’s Super Bowl spot, which, while details are scarce, is expected to make a significant impact on the big stage, continuing the tradition of innovative and memorable Super Bowl advertising from TurboTax.

The integrated campaign will span broadcast, digital, audio, and social channels, with partnerships across platforms like Twitch, TikTok, BuzzFeed, and Roku. As TurboTax readies for another Super Bowl appearance, the brand is set to reinforce its position as a stalwart in the tax preparation space, offering solutions and support for every kind of filer, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Lisa Greene-Lewis, Lisa_Greene-Lewis@intuit.com

Source: Intuit TurboTax

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