These are the top 10 Super Bowl ads across TV and social media, and this is how much brands spent

Businesses have just spent millions of dollars advertising during this year’s Super Bowl, with 30-second slots on Fox reportedly going for more than $5 million. So which brands “won” 2017’s biggest U.S. sporting event?

Analytics company looked at digital share of voice, social actions such as tweets, shares and mentions; and the number of times an ad had been viewed online. It also looked at TV ad impressions and media spend.

Here are the top 10 best performing Super Bowl ads of 2017.

1. Budweiser – Born the Hard Way

Beer brand Budweiser’s ad features founder Adolphus Busch migrating to the U.S. to fulfill his dream of brewing beer, and while he is initially told, “Go back home,” he is shown escaping from a burning ship and forging his way through torrential rain and mud to a bar where he is finally welcomed. The ad clocked up more than 32 million online views, and 79 million TV impressions, against an ad spend of $9.8 million, according to’s estimates.

2. Mr. Clean – Cleaner of Your Dreams

Procter & Gamble’s “Cleaner of Your Dreams” ad featuring an all-white CGI Mr. Clean character has been watched more than 19 million times online, and gained more than 74 million TV impressions against an estimated spend of $5.4 million, according to

3. Netflix – Stranger Things Season Two: 1984

Netflix has put an estimated $5.3 million in TV ad spend behind its Super Bowl ad for the second season of horror series “Stranger Things,” which will be aired this coming Halloween. The ad got 69 million TV ad impressions and more than 17 million online views according to

4. T-Mobile – Unlimited Moves

The mobile network’s spot features Justin Bieber encouraging people to post their favorite dance moves online. “T-Mobile really presented Justin Bieber in a beneficial way for Bieber’s brand. They were on-point with their message in what their product would provide,” Rick Burton, David B. Falk Endowed Professor of Sport Management, Syracuse University, told via email. T-Mobile spent around $10 million on airing the spot, according to’s estimates, and the ad has been watched more than 15 million times online, with almost 70 million TV ad impressions.

5. – Chez Feliz

British actor Jason Statham and “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot appear in’s ad featuring a fight in a restaurant and an oblivious chef. An estimated TV spend of $6.5 million has helped the brand to more than 85 million TV ad impressions and nearly 34 million online views.

6. Audi – Daughter

Audi’s ad campaigns for equal pay for equal work, in an ad that shows a young girl competing in a go-kart race while her father ponders “What shall I tell my daughter?” Aoife McArdle directed the spot for Venables Bell & Partners and the ad has been seen more than 11 million times online, and received nearly 75 million TV ad impressions, against an estimated spend of $10.5 million.

7. Mercedes – Easy Driver

The “Easy Rider”–inspired spot has been watched more than 24 million times on YouTube, and had an estimated TV ad spend of $5.33 million. The Coen brothers’–directed Mercedes commercial for its AMG GT Roadster features actor Peter Fonda, and TV ad impressions have reached nearly 67 million.

8. 84 Lumber – The Journey Begins

Immigration has been a theme of this year’s Super Bowl advertising campaigns, with Airbnb using its spot to put across a welcoming message. Meanwhile, building supplies company 84 Lumber has used its ad to show a mother and daughter traveling from Mexico to the U.S., encountering a wall between the two countries. It has been watched more than 7 million times online, according to, with a five-minute version being published Sunday. It spent an estimated $15 million on media, and received more than 81 million TV ad impressions.

9. Buick – Not So Pee Wee Football

Buick’s ad stars quarterback Cam Newton taking out children playing football in this comedy spot aiming to change expectations of the car brand. The commercial, which also features model Miranda Kerr, has been seen nearly 12 million times online, and estimates the brands spent nearly $10.5 million on media. TV ad impressions are currently more than 65 million.

10. Nintendo – Switch

The gaming brand advertises its portable Switch console being played as a standalone device as well as slotting into a home TV, to the soundtrack of “Believer” by Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons. It has been watched more than 6 million times online, and seen more than 67 million TV ad impressions, against an estimated TV ad spend of $5.3 million.

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