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Many people are gearing up for the Super Bowl that will air on Feb. 7. That is just about two weeks away from now and everyone is getting excited about watching the big game. But, really, are they excited about the game itself or are they excited about seeing the new commercials and eating a lot of good food?

Most of us love a good football game and the Super Bowl is the greatest one of all. However, what about the new ads that will be airing during the game? These ads will be brand new and millions of dollars will be spent on making them to promote the different brands. Will you be watching the Super Bowl just to see the new commercials? Many will be and they will be enjoying what they are seeing. These businesses that are making these new commercials will either pull on your heartstrings or make you mad. That is their way of getting people to come to their business or check out their website and to buy their products they are promoting.

The main reason for these new ads airing during the Super Bowl is because it is called brand strategy. Think about it, last year, according to USA Today, Super Bowl XLIX was the most watched show on TV with 114 million viewers. Why wouldn’t the major brands use this time to air their new ads? With so many people watching, businesses will pay as much as millions of dollars for as little as 30 seconds of air time. Although some of the new commercials are longer than 30 seconds. Those are usually the ones that either pull at our heart strings or make us mad enough to check them out and possibly buy from them, making new customers for them.

USA Today also reports that the biggest beer brands will be using Super Bowl 50 to grab up as much as three-and-a-half minutes of air time. These include Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light, and even Budweiser, which are all the same company. If you remember last year’s Anheuser-Busch commercial, it made people tear up while watching it. They normally have their horses and even a puppy in their ads. The horse and the puppy are best friends and it melts your heart so much.

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Now that we discussed the new ads that will be making you sad or mad, let’s talk about the food people will either be making or ordering from restaurants. What will you be doing this year? Will you be hosting a Super Bowl party for your friends with some good food and drinks?

Bustle says, you can make easy treats for your friends if you are hosting a Super Bowl party this year. One kind of treat everyone will love is slutty brownies. Here is the slutty brownie recipe for you too. You are probably wondering why they are called slutty brownies, right? Well, it is because they are made with cookie dough, brownie mix, and Oreo cookies all mixed together. This makes them kind of slutty if you think about it.

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Bustle also says you can easily make your own buffalo wings in the oven, nacho cheese that will only take 10 minutes to make, and even spicy sriracha popcorn that won’t take you too long to make. These will help you keep your friends and family fed and happy while watching the big game and/or the new ads.

Are you ready for Super Bowl 50, with the new ads that will be airing during the big game, and the great food you all will be eating? Keeping yourself and everyone around you happy while hosting a Super Bowl party is what being together with friends and family is what it is really all about.

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Source: Google News Super Bowl Commercials

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