Wix Taps DreamWorks For Super Bowl Ad

One returning Super Bowl advertiser may reap the blessings of good timing provided by the departure of another. Web-development platform Wix.com is coming back to Big Game advertising after last year’s initial TV ad even as one of its chief rivals as a digital brand for the Super Bowl stage, GoDaddy.com, announced it’s dropping out after a decade.

Wix.com is happy to have an emptier stage for its own web-development pitch. For its second consecutive Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl 50, Wix.com decided to forego the traditional client-agency route, choosing DreamWorks Animation as the creative promotional partner to produce the Super Bowl spot and all other campaign creatives.

“Collaborating on a Super Bowl commercial with DreamWorks Animation is a can’t-miss opportunity,” Wix CMO Omer Shai told brandchannel. “How can you pass on working with the best creative minds available on the world’s biggest advertising stage?”

Shai added, “What we have in common is the same, easy-going, fun-loving culture—and because of that, the campaign we create will seamlessly bring together the messages of both in a way that’s entertaining and useful for the consumer. It’s also a move that hasn’t really been done before, and going out-of-the-box for a creative partner will give us an edge come Super Bowl Sunday.”

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