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As game day draws closer, more brands are releasing sneak-peeks of their Super Bowl 50 ads. Today, both Skittles and Kia shared minor details on the creative behind their upcoming campaigns.

In its second appearance as a Super Bowl advertiser, Skittles will be airing a spot with Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler.

According to a report from AdWeek, the spot was produced by Chicago-based agency DDB and will be the first Wrigley ad ever to feature a celebrity.

Wrigley, Skittles’ parent company, told Adweek it gifted the Skittles-bedazzled microphone stand to Tyler so that he can “… rock on with The Rainbow leading up to the Super Bowl and beyond.” However, the brand clarified that the microphone will not be part of its Super Bowl ad.

Here’s the two-second teaser gif Skittles shared with AdWeek:
skittle super bowl 50 teaser

AdWeek also got a first look at Kia’s Super Bowl spot featuring Christopher Walken.

“Christopher Walken — and a very colorful sock — will add pizzazz to Kia Motors’ 60-second Super Bowl commercial for the all-new 2016 Optima midsize sedan,” a Kia representative told AdWeek, “The new ad will continue to spotlight the next-generation Optima as the vibrant alternative for those determined not to blend in.”

Produced by ad agency David & Goliath, Kia’s Super Bowl ad is scheduled to run during the third quarter of the game. While no videos — or gifs — were made available, Kia did share the following image from the shoot.

Kia’s Super Bowl 50 Ad Campaign Featuring Christopher Walken

Kia super bowl 50 christopher Walken

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(Photo credit: AdWeek)