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Los Angeles filmmakers vie for Doritos Super Bowl ad

The annual competition, for which up-and-coming filmmakers have made Doritos commercials with the hopes that their creations would end up airing during the biggest television event of the year, has yielded some memorable ads. We all have our favorites; from the classic Budweiser frogs, to the attractive Cindy Crawford simply stopping to grab a Pepsi at a gas station.

So how much does 30-seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl run? Pepsico is next $172 million; Coca-Cola, $118.4 million; Chrysler Group, $89.5 million; and then General Motors, $86.8 million.

The average cost of a 30-second slot during the Super Bowl has soared to $5 million this year – up 11% on the highest price last year’s broadcaster NBC banked for its Super Bowl commercials. For some companies, this is money well spent.

Overall, Super Bowl ad pricing has grown 76% in 10 years, generating $2.38 billion in total network ad sales.


Source: Google News Super Bowl Commercials