Hyundai Super Bowl Ads Will Feature Genesis, 2017 Elantra & World-Class Directors - Carscoops (blog)

With the NFL Playoffs only a couple of short weeks away, Hyundai has already tapped a couple of big names to direct their Super Bowl ads, the biggest being Peter Berg himself.

For those of you who don’t know who Peter Berg is, well, he’s the guy who goes out of his way to make gritty and realistic movies (when the script allows it), having already taken part in the epic war film Lone Survivor (2013) and the beloved sports drama Friday Night Lights (2004).

Aside from being a director, Berg also produces and acts, and his passion for football is by no means a secret – he recently had two cameos in HBO’s Ballers along side Dwayne Johnson, as the coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Hyundai has also announced the vehicles which will be featured – namely the Genesis luxury sedan and the all-new 2017 Elantra (currently their best-selling vehicle). The Elantra will get two separate ads while the Genesis only one spot, though the total number of ads is four.

Of course, other directors will be involved, such as Fredrik Bond of MJZ Productions, who has been tasked with directing Hyundai’s new brand ad. As an expert in empathetic, character-driven spots, Bond will certainly try to create an emotional experience for the viewer, and we’re actually looking forward to seeing what one of the most in-demand directors in advertising can come up with on such a big stage.

Then there’s also Aaron Stoller and Janusz Kaminski of Biscuit Filmworks. Stoller has previously directed Hyundai’s popular 2014 World Cup ‘Boom’ ad, while Kaminski is a cinematographer and film director who has worked on Acadamy Award-winning motion pictures such as Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan.

“We collaborated with these world-class directors to create what we think will be incredibly engaging and memorable ads,” said Hyundai’s chief marketing officer Dean Evans. “As we are finishing up shooting the spots, seeing their talent and skill in storytelling was inspirational to our entire team. We can’t wait to see the finished products.”

Going back to the models being featured within the ads, Hyundai has also specified that the 2017 Elantra will stand out due to its safety, technology and convenience features, whereas the Genesis will of course treat us to some sharp viewing angles of its modern design and premium luxury technology and amenities.

As for the fourth and final Hyundai Super Bowl ad, it will use compelling storytelling to highlight the brand’s core values.


Source: Google News Super Bowl Commercials