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Stealing the show

“In vogue this year will be brands trying to steal the show without running a commercial. We’re going to see a lot of real-time, mobile-friendly offers. Brands will aspire to the heights of Volvo’s “Greatest Interception Ever” contest from last year, in which you could nominate a loved one to win an XC60 luxury crossover by tweeting during the commercials of other car brands,” said Rob Lennon, Senior Product Marketing Manager, PaperG. “As the amount of these types of promotions grow, more and more will fumble as consumers get tired of being asked to take action during the game.”

Spending off the TV screen

“During a commercial break, the die-hard football fan’s attention may very well be online, and not on the big screen. Advertisers are getting clued in to the value of advertising on sports-related sites as viewers look for additional commentary and info related to the game. Possibly the best ad spend ROI is going to come from targeted display and native ads on these sites–the same audience at a fraction of the cost. A good example is BleacherReport.com, whose blogger-driven real-time event coverage offers a unique perspective,” said Lennon.

Not bringing sexy back

“Sex isn’t selling anymore, at least not during Super Bowl commercials. In their place will be the usual sentimental clips honoring American values, like hard work and family, some comedic spots, and puppies. Because everyone loves puppies,” said Lennon. “But if the human body were to be put on display, I expect it to be the male form–something along the lines of the Skittles 2015 spot Settle It, in which two hunks arm wrestle over the last lemon skittle in a city full of bulging biceps.”

Look for the unexpected

“CBS is holding back some Super Bowl ad slots on the basis they can catch a premium for last-minute buyers. I believe this plan will backfire. Last year, NBC didn’t sell out its Super Bowl ad inventory until four days before the game. That created the impression that some unexpectedly small advertisers may have slipped in for a steal to buy the final spots,” said Lennon. “This year, a couple of small advertisers may have some really clever creative ready to go on the chance they can snatch up a last minute ad spot at a bargain rate. If the held back airtime goes unsold, your favorite commercial may be from some unexpected companies who are prepared to dazzle and delight.”

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