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Every year since 2006, Doritos has held the Crash the Super Bowl contest, which gives filmmakers the chance to win $1 million and air time during the biggest day in US advertising.

This is the last year of the competition and the finalists have just been announced.

All three will watch the game from a private suite at the Super Bowl, but only one will win the $1 million grand prize and have their ad aired on TV.

Probably the most creepy is Peter Carstairs’ “Ultrasound,” which shows expecting parents watching a live ultrasound scan, when the father starts teasing the fetus with his Doritos.

The fetus is so uncontrollably drawn to the spicy chips that, when its mother throws them away in annoyance, it leaps out of its mom’s womb to grab them.

Another finalist is “Swipe for Doritos” by Los Angeles’ David Rudy. The clip shows a man using an app that looks a lot like Tinder in front of real women, eventually settling on a partner with a large bag of Doritos, played by 90-year-old Doris Roberts — most famous for her role in “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

The last ad with a shot at the prize is screenwriter Jacob Chase’s Doritos Dogs,” in which a diverse pack of hounds attempts to get into a convenience store to buy (you guessed it) a packet of Doritos.

This year, there were 4,500 submissions from 28 countries, according to AgencySpy, where we first spotted the videos.

The winner will be announced on the day of the Superbowl, but all is not lost for second and third place, who will both receive $100,000 and creative work with Doritos.