Wix.com Launches #ItsThatEasy Campaign for Super Bowl Ad Debut

Leading web development platform Wix.com (Nasdaq:WIX) revealed more details about the creative direction of its first-ever Super Bowl spot that will air during NBC’s broadcast on February 1st.

The Wix #ItsThatEasy campaign will feature five NFL legends – Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris as they transition from their football days and take a new direction in their careers. Going from NFL stars to small business owners, the players pursue humorous endeavors that build on their famously unique personalities and accomplishments. As they set out to become successful business owners, the pros discover the new challenge that they’ve taken on is made significantly easier with a Wix website.

“Running a small business is no easy feat but it’s also incredibly rewarding. We wanted to highlight the fun aspects and how enjoyable your business can be when you’re not weighed down. We developed a campaign that perfectly fits what Wix is all about: providing small businesses with powerful and easy to use tools to design, manage and grow their online presence,” said Omer Shai, Wix CMO. “NFL legend or not, any business owner should be able to easily get their business online, just the way they want it.”

The campaign roll out begins today with the launch of a video clip where Terrell Owens will give a sneak peek into his uncharacteristic new business venture. The professional websites created for each of the players’ businesses will be launched in the coming days and include more information and even purchasable products. All creative materials pertaining to the #ItsThatEasy campaign will be available in a designated website that will soon go live. This “hub” will be a place where people can interact with the players, their businesses and Wix in a fun and dynamic location.

The #ItsThatEasy campaign was directed and produced by Frank Samuel, Jeff Reed and Lauren Bayer of Committee LA, working in collaboration with San Francisco creative team Jeff Huggins and Andrea Janetos. Joining forces with this direct-to-creative partnership enabled Wix to have its first Super Bowl campaign developed by an award-winning team that leverages years of experience with top-tier brands like Microsoft, Nike, Budweiser, Verizon, M&M’s and Visa.

A leading player in the web development space, the Wix platform is used by over 58 million people worldwide to create, manage and grow their online presence. Wix’s Super Bowl spot will be an instrumental part of a cross-platform branding campaign geared towards taking the Wix brand to the next level and turning it into a household name.

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