Wix.com 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Ad “Its That Easy”

Wix.com (Nasdaq:WIX) revealed more information related to their Super Bowl commercial. Featuring five NFL legends—Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen, and Franco Harris—the #ItsThatEasy ad campaign will showcase the players embarking on humorous new professional paths as small business owners. The pros discover that creating a website for their businesses is made much easier with the Wix platform. The roll out of the campaign starts today with a video clip featuring Owens. Professional websites for the players’ businesses will be released shortly and include more info and products. Social media will be heavily utilized to interact with the players, their businesses, and Wix. The ad was created by Frank Samuel, Jeff Reed and Lauren Bayer of Committee LA in collaboration with San Francisco creative team Jeff Huggins and Andrea Janetos. The goal of Wix’s Super Bowl spot is to create more awareness for their web development brand and make it a household name. The platform is currently used by over 58 million people to create, manage and grow their online presence.