TurboTax Is Returning to the Super Bowl With More Comedy

The Intuit-owned online tax preparation service just launched its 2015 brand campaign, again through W+K. It will feature a 60-second spot on the Feb. 1 Super Bowl telecast. But before heading to Arizona, the campaign creative is taking an early trip to New Orleans—for Mardi Gras.

The 60-second “Mardi Gras” spot below broke during the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. It uses one long, absurd, interconnected scene to show how TurboTax guides you step by step through all the tax-relevant milestones that happen during your year. Two other Mardi Gras spots, “Statues” (:30) and “Loud Noise” (:15), have also rolled out.

The Super Bowl spot will not be the “Mardi Gras” execution but something entirely new.

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