Super Bowl Ads Kick Off Early This Year

Finally now, just one week until the super bowl ads roll out. But one company isn’t waiting. Releasing a preview to a super bowl sequel. This little dog will tug on your heartstrings again. Mara Schiavocampo with that story.

Reporter: He’s the star of one of the most popular superbowl ads of all time. And now he’s disappeared. Well, sort of. Call it the superbowl kick-off for ads. Annheiser-busch releasing an S.O.S. S.o.s. For their beloved d-o-g. We’re sad to announce that the Budweiser puppy has gone missing. Reporter: This online video announcing the star of their 2014 commercial, “Puppy love,” is lost.

Follow Budweiser on Twitter this super bowl season for updates on where the puppy has been spotted. Reporter: Also releasing these missing posters and video sightings, all hoping to build buzz on Twitter a full week before the big game.

While the famous clydesdales have been the brand’s signature symbols for three decades, dogs have recently become the beer company’s best friends. Last year’s superbowl commercial now watched online more than 55 million times, and later a drunk driving ad going viral with more than 20 million views. I don’t think they can tell you that the puppy ad sells more beer. But it makes a deep emotional connection.

Reporter: As for this little guy, fans will have to wait until game time to see how the dog-gone story ends. One super bowl player who is sure to score. Mara Schiavocampo, ABC news, new York.

55 million views. We’ll see if it breaks the record. “Gma” tomorrow morning, David Muir will be back.