Spot Trender Measures Consumer Response to Super Bowl XLIX Ads in Real Time

For the second year, Spot Trender will be displaying the capabilities of their advertising testing platform during the NFL Super Bowl: American advertising’s biggest stage. Their data will show second-by-second consumer responses to a handful of spots shown during the big game’s coveted commercial breaks. There are over a dozen brands advertising for the first time this year such as Avocados from Mexico and Skittles; both featuring 30-second ads in the first half. Spot Trender’s testing will reveal how new ads and strategies compare to the veteran Super Bowl advertisers.

Spot Trender is currently recruiting interested brands to participate in this year’s Ad Performance Test. Benefits from participation include receiving all raw data from the test, the Super Bowl ads white paper, as well as post-game media coverage highlighting the results.

Spot Trender is aiming to show how their cloud-based, pre-testing platform can help all brands pinpoint consumer reactions to their spots at any point in the creative process. The majority of their clients’ testing happens earlier in the creative process with storyboards or animatics to help brands spend less money downstream on major production edits. Oppositely, the Super Bowl is an interesting opportunity to see how some of the year’s most developed creative concepts rank.

More information about participating in Spot Trender’s Ad Performance Test, access to test results on game day and their methodology can be found at their website.