Nationwide 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Ad Teaser - Invisible Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling proved that she’s one of TV’s MVPs by scoring a role in a Super Bowl ad for Nationwide. The Mindy Project star is definitely an upgrade for the insurance company — it’s currently airing those irritating ads that feature Peyton Manning humming the Nationwide jingle.

During her Super Bowl commercial, Mindy Kaling decides that she’s invisible after years of being ignored by taxi drivers and other people. She decides to take advantage of her super power by sunbathing naked in Central Park, eating ice cream straight out of the tub at the supermarket, and stealing food off of stranger’s plates.

Some moments look like they could be scenes borrowed from The Mindy Project, and there’s a reason why the ad bears the mark of Mindy. According to Adweek, Mindy Kaling actually helped develop the spot.

According to Kaling, she pitched the idea for the car wash scene because she’s “always wanted to walk through a car wash.”