Mercedes-Benz 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Ad "Fable"

The storybook legend of two woodland creatures racing for forest dominance gets a fresh, modern spin thanks to a special guest appearance by the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S, the all-new high performance sports car built by Mercedes-AMG engineers to take on all challengers. It’s a fun, thrilling, action-packed tale featuring a hare, a tortoise and 503 horses.

Mercedes-Benz premiered its Super Bowl ad on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” today.

Mercedes amplified the commercial’s messaging with several teaser videos, which it posted on YouTube and began airing on TV on Jan. 18, the day of the NFL’s Conference Championship games.

This is the second time DeGeneres has debuted a Super Bowl spot on her show, a spokeswoman said. Last year, DeGeneres unveiled a Beats headphones commercial she starred in.

Automakers are turning to popular TV shows to launch their ads. In addition to Mercedes, BMW unveiled its electric i3 commercial this morning on NBC’s “Today.”

Visit to learn more about #TheBigRace between the Tortoise and the Hare, brought to you by Mercedes-Benz.