After Accidentally Revealing Its Super Bowl Ad, The Verge Decides to Leave It Live

The tech site owned by Vox Media accidentally debuted its ad today in a post entitled “DNP Verge Super Bowl ad.”

A rumor erupted on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that Vox Media had bought a Super Bowl commercial to promote its tech website The Verge. Apparently, The Verge published the commercial on its site prematurely and then took it down, but not before the world caught a glimpse and saved it.

“Yes, it’s running during the Super Bowl,” Fay Sliger, communications director at Vox Media, said in an email to Ad Age.

The 30-second spot is about “the future.”

Jonathan Hunt, VP-marketing at Vox Media, revealed that the company’s “Super Bowl commercial” would air in one market alone; Helena, Montana, a town of 30,000 people. It cost Vox just $700, he added.

“It’s a nice, thrifty experiment,” he added and revealed that Vox created the 30-second spot internally.