Wonderful Pistachios Releases Clips with Stephen Colbert - Star of Super Bowl Ad

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Clip 1: “Stephen Colbert’s Big Game Prediction”
Stephen Colbert trusts his gut to pick the Big Game winner.

Clip 2: “Stephen Colbert on the Danger of Dipping”
Stephen Colbert offers his words of wisdom on this potentially dangerous gameday dish.

Clip 3: “Stephen Colbert On Coaching”
Stephen Colbert puts on his coaching cap and offers some gameday tips.

Clip 4: “What’s Stephen Colbert Serving for the Big Game?”
Stephen Colbert shares his snacking tips for the Big Game.

Clip 5: “Stephen Colbert on Staying Warm During the Game”
The Big Game is gonna be cold this year, but fear not — Stephen Colbert’s got some great ways to keep warm.

Clip 6: “Stephen Colbert Wishes You A Super Christmas” Presented by Wonderful Pistachios
A very special “holiday” message from Stephen Colbert.

Clip 7: “Stephen Colbert on Filming a Big Game Ad”
Stephen Colbert talks about making his very first Big Game ad.

Clip 8: “Stephen Colbert on Working with Eagles”
Stephen Colbert discusses the triumphs and tribulations of working with his co-star for this year’s Big Game ad.

Clip 9: “Stephen Colbert’s Favorite NFL Team” Presented by Wonderful Pistachios
Stephen Colbert picks a side and reveals his favorite football team.