Watch Tim Tebow in T-Mobile 2014 Super Bowl Ad

It’s a quarterback sneak.

In a surprise move, T-Mobile will announce Friday that former New York Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow will star in two of its Super Bowl XLVIII ads.

In these two 30-second commercials, he takes a comic turn with wild, zany roles, all poking fun at the fact that he doesn’t have a National Football League contract — and at cell-phone providers that require contracts. Without an allegiance to one team, or even one profession, he is able to take on gigs such as an obstetrician, a bull rider and a rock star.

These ads allow him to be “self-deprecating,” he says, as well as to “do something that is outside of your comfort zone.”

In addition to the Tebow ads, T-Mobile will run a 30-second commercial that has no actors. That ad is all text and encourages consumers to break ties with their current carrier and to join T-Mobile, which doesn’t require contracts.

The Big Game big media buy is part of the T-Mobile’s strategy to boost brand awareness, as well as promote the fact that now will pay the termination charges from existing contracts with rival carrier for consumers who want to switch to T-Mobile.

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