Ten Iconic Super Bowl Commercial Stars - Where Are They Now?

We might not remember who won every Super Bowl. We might not recall who thrilled at every halftime show. But we will always, for better or worse, remember the commercials — minute-long bits of comedy (or, occasionally, sexual exploitation) interspersed throughout the biggest sports broadcast of the year. And when we think back to iconic ads of past, we’ll remember a handful of faces: the characters who convinced us to buy soft drinks, computers, and snack foods.
But while we may have a pretty vivid memory of these folks, it might dawn on us that we haven’t really seen most of them since. So where are all of the actors and actresses who starred in the iconic Super Bowl commercials of past? We’ve managed to track down a few (while some others remain a mystery)…

The boy from “Hey Kid, Catch” (Coca Cola, 1979)
Then: Tommy Okon, 9-year-old fan of Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle “Mean Joe” Greene, who is rewarded for his devotion and generosity (he gives his thirsty hero a bottle of Coke) with Greene’s official Steelers jersey.
Now: Long retired from the acting game, Okon is reportedly a family man and resident of Westchester, New York, with a business based in Queens.

Dookie from “Whassup?” (Budweiser, 2000)
Then: Scott Martin Brooks played one of the doofuses prone to spouting exclamatory “Whassup?!”s in lieu of a more refined telephone greeting.
Now: Since the commercial, Brooks has taken roles on television (Hack) and in film (Mr. 3000), and has acted as spokesman for the restaurant Church’s Chicken.

The heroine from “1984” (Apple, 1984)
Then: Actor/athlete Anya Major played the courageous warriror who’d take down the totalitarian dystopia in this classic Orwellian ad.
Now: United Kingdom-born Major, the subject of a few false death rumors, lives with her husband and three children in England.

The kid from that time Cindy Crawford got thirsty (Pepsi, 1992)
Then: The taller of two gawking youngsters, entranced by a nearby Cindy Crawford… or at least by her beverage of choice.
Now: No, he’s not Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Brother Dominic from “Monks” (Xerox, 1976)
Then: Comedian Jack Eagle portrayed a harried clergyman, charged with the ungodly task of copying the scriptures of a priest… until he eases his workload with a new Xerox machine.
Now: Eagle went on to appear in films like Stepmom and Goodbye, Johnny Wake. Sadly, he passed away in 2008.

Guy # 2 from that time Ali Landry went to a laundromat (Doritos, 1998)
Then: Sean Hayes played a gawking cretin attempting to attract the nearby Landry with his skills in the art of Dorito-consumption.
Now: He’s actually famous.

The boss from “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker” (Reebok, 2003)
Then: Michael Sean McGuinness played the deadpan executive who hired Terry Tate to keep order in his kooky office environment.
Now: He’s on Facebook! And appears to have returned to stage acting.

The frogs from “The Master Plan” (Budweiser, 1998)
Then: Cultural icons
Now: Dismantled animatronics.

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