in Second-Round of Intuit's "Small Business, Big Game" Contest received notice that they are into the second-round in Intuit’s “Small Business, Big Game” contest with prizes that include a 30-second commercial during the Feb. 2 Super Bowl.


Congratulations also came from Brad Smith, President and CEO of Intuit Inc.

“I wanted to offer my personal congratulations on making it to the second round of Intuit Small Business Big Game.”

“When Intuit launched this program a few months ago, we believed that the stories we’d hear from small business owners like you would make our hearts beat faster and inspire us in ways we couldn’t imagine. You did not disappoint. Thanks for participating and sharing the passion you have for your business to people around the world. ”

“We’re excited to have heard your story and look forward to learning even more about you during the next round. ” is currently creating a :90-second video to complete their entry in Round 2. Thank you to all who helped us reach level 2, we will certainly need your help again to keep moving forward in this competition.

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