General Mills to Promote Cheerios in Super Bowl

General Mills is placing an ad for its iconic brand Cheerios in the Super Bowl for the first time.

The Twin Cities-based grain giant hasn’t appeared in a Super Bowl since 1996, and Cheerios never has. In the meantime, the brand has led General Mills’ charge into better-for-you positioning based on oats’ heart-healthiness, served as an important vehicle for Big G’s transition to whole-grain cereals, and experienced a proliferation of line extensions under all sorts of flavors and added ingredients to the simple oat “o.”

So that offers up lots of possible creative directions for General Mills. The company said in its blog that, “While Cheerios isn’t ready to reveal just yet what the storyline of the commercial will be, who will be in it or precisely when you will see it during the game (in the first ‘unscheduled time-out’, we can tell you that Cheerios is quite proud of its message.”

The Cheerios blog also stated that the ad is scheduled for the first unofficial time-out.