Fox Sports picks their 10 Coolest Super Bowl ads

Fox Sports made these choices for their 10 coolest ads. See if you agree.

Coca-Cola: America the Beautiful
The soft-drink kingpin really went for it with this one. A beautifully strung together collage of images and languages displaying the full diversity of the country. A bold idea and a poetic execution.

Budweiser: Coming Home
Showing real people in real situations was a theme in ads throughout the game, perhaps none more memorable than this. A solider by the name of Lt. Chuck Nadd returns home after serving overseas, greeted only by his wife at the gate. When they get back to their hometown, they find the citizens have come out in full force to greet him. Nadd was even at the Super Bowl itself.

Chevy: Celebrate cancer survivors
No words necessary in this simple beauty from Chevrolet, which reminds us to take time out this Tuesday to honor cancer survivors and those who helped them through it.

Intuit: Goldie Blox
Like Doritos opening up its spot to a fan contest, Intuit offered small businesses a chance to compete for a Super Bowl ad they likely couldn’t afford otherwise. The winner? Goldie Blox, a girls toy company that put together this inventive spot.

Go Daddy: Puppet Master
More real people in real situations. Here, John Turturro hosts as a real-life woman quits her job on live television and uses the spotlight to plug a puppet company she’s hoping to kick-start.

Microsoft: Steve Gleason on technology
Gleason — the former NFL player now so stricken by ALS that he can no longer speak without the assistance of a computer — narrates this inspiring ad from Microsoft about the possibilities of technology to unite the world.

Chrysler: New Chrysler 200
Well, it doesn’t get much cooler than Bob Dylan. The rock legend narrates this trip down memory lane, featuring images of Julius Erving, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and other reminders of a simpler time for the motor industry.

Doritos: The Time Machine
This one’ll make you chuckle, too, no doubt, but it makes our coolest list thanks to the concept. The tortilla chip company challenged fans to make a Super Bowl ad highlighting their product, saying the winner would get one of the coveted spots on TV. A Maryland man says he produced this for just $300. Kudos to you, sir.

Sodastream: Scarlett Johansson
It made it! After some hubbub that this ad was “too hot for TV,” Sodastream got its Scarlett Jo ad on the screen late in the fourth quarter. It’s a shameless grab for attention, but the ad admits that to us. Respect for that.

Jaguar: Always one step ahead
Why is it that most movie villains tend to be British? Jaguar tries to answer the age-old question with a little bit of humor, but the James Bond-esque flair to the ad, along with the celeb star power, makes this a cool must-see.

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