Butterfinger Releases Super Bowl Ad Teasers

To launch its Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups, the brand’s first new product in five years, Nestle has released a humorous Super Bowl ad teaser about peanut butter and chocolate going to couples therapy.

Nestle is hoping that promoting the new product during the Super Bowl will help it gain ground against Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Advertisers used to keep their Super Bowl ads secret until the game. But in recent years, many have released ads ahead of time, or released “teaser” ads that hint at the ad’s content, in an effort to make them stand out in the crowd.

The Butterfinger teaser ad (below) has a 1970s vibe, a couple wearing T-shirts reading “peanut butter” and “chocolate” sit in a “food therapy” waiting area.

“Don’t you think it would be nice to try something new and crunchy?” asks the woman representing chocolate.

“The cup is about to get crunchy,” the tagline reads.

Once they are in the “therapy” session – questions tend to show how different they are…