Bob Dylan to Star in Chrysler's 2014 Super Bowl Ad

You know the times they are a-changing when Bob Dylan becomes a Chrysler salesman.

The 74-year-old is set to appear in the automaker’s Super Bowl advertisement, according to Billboard.

There’s no word yet on what song will be featured, but it’s likely the musical legend will be singing the praises of the recently unveiled 2014 Chrysler 200, the predecessor of which was famously and effectively shilled by Eminem in a gritty, Detroit-themed ad that ran during the big game in 2011.

If the story turns out to be accurate, it won’t be the first time Dylan has worked for Detroit. He appeared in a Cadillac Escalade advertisement back in 2007. One of his songs is also being used for the soundtrack of a Chobani yogurt Super Bowl spot this year.

Chrysler and representatives for Dylan have declined to comment on the report.