Blab Command Center Predicts Social Media Conversations for Big Game Ads

For marketing executives, last year’s Super Bowl was remembered for the record high cost of the ads, a 30 minute blackout, and a single, opportunistic tweet by the Oreo Cookie marketing team that garnered more total impressions than any single TV ad. The tweet was re-tweeted over 15,000 times and included a highly relevant image about “dunking in the dark.”

A special predictions and insights project for the Super Bowl, surfaced by the BlabPredicts Event Command Center, will assist advertisers in achieving their “Oreo Moment,” by helping them identify, 72 hours ahead of game time, the key themes trending across social media, blogs and news sites about the mega event. Some of the discussion will certainly revolve around the 23 Super Bowl ads themselves. Last year some of those ads generated as many as 100,000 comments on social media. By being able to anticipate consumer discussion themes three days ahead of time, marketing managers can more effectively plan, participate in, and extend the conversation on social media to engage prospective customers.

Blab will make their full Events Product available to media outlets along with concise data summations free of charge on January 15th through to Feb 7 to use for consumer insight, editorial and color commentary planning, during playoff games, and through the Super Bowl itself. The BlabPredicts Command Center regularly tracks up to 100 million posts daily across six social platforms, and over 50,000 news sites and blogs. It uses this data in tandem with actual social behavior dynamics to make its highly accurate prognostications.

According to company CEO Randy Browning: “Blab is being used by some of the largest advertisers and we are excited to offer this special free insight on social media to journalists and marketing executives for Super Bowl XLVIII.” In addition to the media, Corporations can have access to the entire BlabPredicts Event Command Center for just $500.

Blab’s patented technology discovers the non-obvious, yet contextually relevant conversations taking place in real-time. Blab’s use of genetic algorithms and pattern matching allows for unprecedented prediction up to 72 hours in advance of social behavior rather than single-dimensional projections based on conversation volume alone.

Ralph Fascitelli, 206-369-2612