Ad Meter's 5 most overrated Super Bowl XLVIII commercials

This year’s Super Bowl Ad Meter in the books, and the over 6,000 people have spoken. We thought it might be fun to look at the reception the ads received elsewhere, and — using Ad Meter results as our guide — determine whether the outside ad-rating world gave the ads their proper due. First off: five ads that got it too easy.

Audi, “Doberhuahua”: Both Entertainment Weekly and Business Insider ranked this canine beast as one of the night’s best achievements, and SB Nation gave a positive assessment as well. Ad Meter voters, though, were lukewarm. Its 5.87 rating couldn’t even place it among the night’s top 20 ads, much less achieve the top-five grade BI gave it.

T-Mobile, “No Contract No Problem” and “Still No Contract”: Tim Tebow won praise from marketing pros, our friends at For The Win, CBS Sports and PolicyMic alike for the ads in which he extols the virtues of being contract-free. Ad Meter voters were less impressed: Tebow’s ads finished 29th and 27th in the voting, respectively, a middle-of-the-pack finish.

Axe, “Make Love, Not War (Kiss for Peace)”: SB Nation liked this one too, as did the Washington Post and the A.V. Club, all of whom seemed to admire its radical departure from the bro’d-out vibe of previous Axe ads. That didn’t translate to broader success, though: The ad’s 4.92 Ad Meter score placed it 40th.

Squarespace, “A Better Web Awaits”: The AV Club singled this one out for praise as well, while Time (though it only graded the spot as a B- overall) dubbed it “a smart, pointed ad.” Our voters begged to differ: They gave Squarespace’s Super Bowl debut a 4.38 overall score, placing it 52nd overall and barely out of the bottom five.

Honda, “Hug Someone (Hugfest)”: People and The New Yorker are very different publications, but they found common ground in naming the Bruce Willis-Fred Armisen ad one of the night’s best. Slate had some kind words, too, calling the Armisen reveal “brilliant.” But once again, Ad Meter was much less forgiving: Its 5.26 rating was good for 33rd place, putting it in the bottom half of the night overall.

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AdMeter Infographic super bowl 2014 XLVIII
AdMeter Infographic super bowl 2014 XLVIII