The race is on! Vote to decide how Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad ends.

Coca-Cola is asking viewers to cheer for three very different groups in an interactive marketing blitz during the big game: a troupe of showgirls, a band of cowboys and a biker-style gang of “badlanders” — all on a quest for a thirst-quenching Coke in a desert.




The campaign, which will include TV spots as well as a Web site and interaction with consumers on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, is the world’s largest beverage maker’s latest attempt to capture interest of people who watch the Big Game with a second screen such as a tablet or smartphone nearby.

“The second screen is a huge deal for us,” said Stuart Kronauge, president of sparkling beverages. “It doesn’t matter where consumers are, be it TV, mobile or tablet, we need to be there.”

To engage the more than 100 million viewers who tune into the Super Bowl every year (last year, 111 million watched the game, according to Nielsen), The Coca-Cola Co. decided to create its own game.

The cinematic 30-second TV ad created by longtime agency Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore., which will run on network TV and on beginning Tuesday, sets up the game’s premise. Three random groups, a troupe of show girls in a pink bus, a group of cowboys, and a gang of so-called “badlanders” on motorcycles and ATVs wearing leather attire, are all in the middle of the desert. They race toward what looks to be a giant Coca-Cola, but it turns out to be a wooden sign that indicates the Coke is 50 miles away.

“Vote now to decide who wins.,” copy reads.

Beginning Wednesday through the end of the Super Bowl, which airs Feb. 3 on CBS, users can vote online or send a tweet to choose their favorite group, and try to sabatoge other groups. The winner, tallied in real time, will be shown in an ad immediately following the final whistle of the Super Bowl.