The 2013 Lineup of Advertisers for Super Bowl XLVII and SPOILERS

This is our look into the advertisers and creative previews of what to expect from the commercials that will air during Super Bowl XLVII.

Anheuser-Busch InBev Anheuser-Busch’s newest brands, Budweiser Black Crown and Beck’s Sapphire, will be making their national television debut during four and a half minutes of Anheuser-Busch ads. For Bud Light 2 :60 second ads “Journey” and “Lucky Chair” The two ads are the culmination of the brand’s successful “Superstitious” campaign, which portrays the traditions and rituals NFL fans employ to help their teams win. Both ads are set in New Orleans, tying the creative closely to the Super Bowl.

Bud Light “Journey”
2013 Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial "Journey"

Bud Light “Lucky Chair”
2013 Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial "Lucky Chair"

2013 Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial "Lucky Chair"

Bud Light “Lucky Chair” :15 second teaser

For Budweiser 1 :60 second ad “Brotherhood” the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales are back in an ad that chronicles the bond a Clydesdale foal shares with his trainer.

For Budweiser Black Crown 2 :30 second ads “Coronation” and “Celebration”. “Coronation” will air in the first spot after kickoff.

Budweiser Black Crown – “Coronation” :15 second teaser

2013 Budweiser Black Crown Super Bowl XLVII Commercial "Coronation"

2013 Budweiser Black Crown Super Bowl XLVII Commercial "Coronation"

2013 Budweiser Black Crown Super Bowl XLVII Commercial "Coronation"

2013 Budweiser Black Crown Super Bowl XLVII Commercial "Coronation"

Budweiser Black Crown “Celebration”
2013 Budweiser Black Crown Super Bowl XLVII Commercial "Celebration"

2013 Budweiser Black Crown Super Bowl XLVII Commercial "Celebration"

2013 Budweiser Black Crown Super Bowl XLVII Commercial "Celebration"

For Beck’s Sapphire 1 :30 second ad “Serenade”. The ad celebrates Beck’s Sapphire’s sleek, one-of-a-kind black bottle, and features a surprise admirer that is mesmerized by its beauty.

Allstate 1: 30 immediately after game ends. This spot features Mayhem and he shows the important roles he’s played throughout history. He’s the apple that Eve gives to Adam: “I’m a forbidden fruit and not to brag or nothing, but I’m pretty much the most amazing apple ever.”

Audi of America 1 :60 second commercial – A young man heads to prom dateless but confident because he’s driving his fathers 2013 Audi S6.

Audi Let the public decide which of their 3 alternate endings would be shown during the Super Bowl. See all three alternate endings.

AXE 1 :30 second spot entitled “Lifeguard,” that includes a “twist” at the end that “aligns with a creative campaign” that will kick off in the new year. Axe is also running a promotion that will send lucky fans to outer space and hired Buzz Aldrin to help promote the contest. Watch the spot “AXE Apollo Fireman”

Best Buy Best Buy hired actress and comedian Amy Poehler to get its brand message across in a humor-focused spot during the Super Bowl XLVII.

2013 Best Buy Super Bowl XLVII Commercial with Amy Poehler

Best Buy :15 second teaser with Amy Poehler

Calvin Klein 1 :30 second spot 1 :30 second ad in first quarter, will show consumers how buying is “Drama Free” at

2013 Super Bowl XLVII commercial Why Drama? preview teaser

See the preview ad.

Coca-Cola 3 :30 second spots You decide who wins the Coca-Cola

2013 Coca-Cola Super Bowl XLVII commercial

see the preview ad and join in on the contest (There will be enough Coca-Cola for all to share)

Century 21 1 :30 second ad in the 3rd quarter, 3 pre-game spots and a sponsoring 1 hour of the pre-game broadcast. See more details and a interview with the Super Bowl Ad’s director.

Pre-game spot “Subway”

Pre-game spot “Mini-Mart”

Pre-game spot “College”

E*TRADE 1 :30 second ad in the 3rd quarter. “Talking baby” is back showing you what to do with those hidden 401k fees.

Fiat 1 :30 second ad – Probably will be “Topless” but there are other humorous ad choices. See the other possibilities here.

Ford-Lincoln 1 :60 second ad will promote 2013 Lincoln MKZ sedan to ‘younger’ viewers. Jimmy Fallon helped create the ad, but will not appear in it. It was a script written from tweets sent in by the public to #steerthescript

Gildan’s Activewear 1 :30 second ad in the 3rd quarter “Getaway” shows what a guy will go through to get his favorite shirt. See the preview 2 :30 second spots – One after the 2-minute warning in the 4th quarter will again promote “.CO” with Danica Patrick. See the ads’ sneak peek now. The full .CO commercial has been released, watch it here.

The other Go Daddy ad will air in the second spot of the second break during the first quarter will show us “what sexy is” and star Dana Patrick and Bar Refaeli in a spot called “Perfect Match”

Hyundai 2 :30 second ads “Excited” and “Don’t Tell” in the pre-game show, 1 :60 second ad pre-kick spot titled “Epic PlayDate”, 1 :30 second spot “Team” in the first quarter, 1 :30 second ad “Stuck” in the second quarter. For more details read this post

Kia Motor 1 :30 second spot in the third quarter for the Forte and 1 :60 second spot in the fourth quarter for the Sorento Read More about the Kia ad “Space Babies” here.

Kia Forte Super Bowl XLVII commercial “Hot Bots”

2014 Kia Sorento Super Bowl XLVII commercial “Space Babies”


Kraft’s MiO 1 :30 second ad in the 3rd quarter will feature Tracy Morgan in comedic look at things that have changed in America, including sports drinks. Read more about the campaign and preview the ad.

M&M’s Mars Chocolate North America 1 :30 second ad in the 1st quarter

This isn’t the ad that will appear during the 1st quarter, but we think it’s great.

Mercedes-Benz 1 :60 Second ad in 4th quarter – Kate Upton, Usher and Willem Dafoe star in the spot where a guy may sell his soul to the devil to get his “heart’s desire”. See the five commercial sneak peeks

Extended Cut of Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl XLVII commercial “Soul”

2013 Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl XLVII commercial with Kate Upton

The ad with Kate Upton getting a car wash in slow motion has been widely reported to be the Super Bowl ad – and even though it was released on the Mercedes-Benz YouTube page – It’s not the spot they intended to air during the Super Bowl, sorry to all those people who got their panties in a bunch.. (maybe it will air during the pregame) We see it as a nice move to get the Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl commercial virally out there.

Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) 1 :30 second ad in 2nd quarter Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson shows how far a father will go to make sure his children have milk for their breakfast cereal.Follow this link to watch the Rock get his Milk

2013 MilkPEP Super Bowl XLVII commercial

Oreo 1 :30 in first quarter will have the theme “What’s your favorite part of the cookie… the Cookie or the Créme?”

Paramount Pictures “Star Trek Into Darkness” Star Trek will advertise a second time during the Super Bowl (also in 2009) Announced augmented reality app partnership with Qualcomm. The :30 second ad will be in the second quarter.

Also a :30 second spot for Brad Pitts’ zombie plaque film “World War Z” during the pre-game.

Paramount Pictures will also be showing a new spot for Iron Man 3, and marks the 3rd time paramount has used the Super Bowl to debut the Iron Man series.

PepsiCo Beverages Along with sponsoring the halftime show Pepsi will have a 2 new :30 second commercials, In the spot that airs just before halftime, Beyonce and photos of consumers from their online contest. The other will showcase Pepsi Next.

Pepsi Next “Party Shopping” Teaser

Pepsi Next “Party”

PepsiCo Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” contest winners ads. See the top five commercials from the contest.

Research In Motion (RIM) – Blackberry 10

Samsung 2-minute commercial – In this teaser for the ad, Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd pitch ideas but are told that trademarked words can’t be used, like Super Bowl, San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

Skechers 2 :30 second spots – In “Man vs. Cheetah” :30 second spot at 2:00 minute warning before halftime Skechers GOrun2 help Man catch Cheetah? See the preview. In Skechers second spot during the second quarter football legend Joe Montana will pitch SKECHERS Relaxed Fit collection

SodaStream 1 :30 second ad in the 4th quarter. The ad will be based on the company’s current spot showing scenes of soda bottles suddenly disappearing as people make their own soda with SodaStream. Sodastream did have an ad rejected by CBS because of its use of Coca-Cola and Pepsi logos, uniforms, and trucks. See the banned commercial here.

SpeedStick 1 :30 second ad in third quarter “Unattened Laundry”. Part of the brand’s ‘Handle It’ campaign, featuring men who are sweating on the inside but cool and collected on the outside.

Subway 1 :30 second ad in the 4th quarter. Subway will be back in the Super Bowl for the first time since 2005, It’s expected that their ad 14 Subway athletes — including superstar Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III — will congratulate Jared for keeping off the weight he lost for 15 years by eating low-cal offerings at Subway.

Taco Bell 1 :60 second ad in the 3rd quarter “Viva Young” 87 year-old Bernie Goldblatt, along with his friends, take viewers on an unforgettable night depicting that anyone at any age can Live Mas. Watch the preview.

Tide – Proctor and Gamble 1 :30 second ad in the 3rd quarter. The spot will feature both teams playing in the Super Bowl, a testament to Tide’s “Always-On” strategic approach.

Toyota 1 :30 second ad in the 1st quarter will star Kaley Cuoco and on lucky fan from online contest. Preview the Super Bowl commercial teaser here.

Universal Pictures Vin Diesel announced that a :30 second Super Bowl ad is ready for “Fast and Furious 6”. Read more.

Possibly a :30 second spot for “Oblivion” with Tom Cruize

Volkswagen 1 :60 second in the second quarter. “Get Happy” See the preview featuring Jimmy Cliff (No Darth Vader?) and some youtube misfits and their meltdowns

Walt Disney Pictures Will be showing a :90 second spot for “The Lone Ranger,” a :60 second spot for “Iron Man 3,” and a :60 second spot for “Oz: The Great and Powerful”

Wonderful Pistachios Psy of YouTube “Gangam Style” fame will star in ad to show how he opens his Pistacios