Target Skips Super Bowl Ads to Go Mobile

Even though their Golden Globes advertising campaign was met with high praise, Target has developed a Super Bowl-themed mobile game in lieu of a multi-million dollar commercial. The retailer just announced that it will be sitting out this year’s Super Bowl advertising competition in favor of a more budget-friendly mobile game.

“Snack Bowl”, which can be played on mobile web browsers as well as downloadable apps for iPhone and Android devices, is pretty basic. You’re awarded points for tossing a carousel of branded snacks, including DiGiorno pizza and Coke Zero, to your jersey-wearing guests, who are inexplicably running across your living room one by one. Your guests move faster and faster, making the game increasingly difficult. Fail to feed three of your guests and it’s game over.

To spread awareness of the game, players are encouraged to challenge their Facebook friends to beat their high scores.

A representative for the company says that Target’s new approach to Super Bowl advertising reflects its desire to better connect with customers by offering more than just online shopping.

Play the game from your mobile device now.