Super Bowl increases TV ad revenue and second screen social interaction

The Super Bowl games means we will be glued to both the big screen and our devices. Good news for ad revenue — and for social monitoring by brands.

Watching TV has become a multi tasking activity. We have one eye on the show, and the other eye is glued to Twitter or Facebook.

We watch the social channel on our second screen avidly to see what our friends think about the show.

We get a shared experience with our friends during the show and brands capitalise on our dual screen activities, both in revenue and engagement metrics.

The second screen generates extra ad revenue for the broadcasters that serve ads though social channels like Twitter and Facebook.

For a single event like the Super Bowl CBS is expected to generate between $10 — $12 million for second screen advertising during the game.

Over 84 percent of Americans plan to watch this years Super Bowl from their own home, a friends house or a family members home.

Digital media is important during big events like this – not only for the revenue generated through ads but also for the social interaction on the second screen. In fact 36 percent of viewers will use a second screen during the Super Bowl to supplement the game viewing experience.

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