Super Bowl commercials show creativity trumps special effects

The Super Bowl commercials showed that a well-executed idea is better than a big budget. Super Bowl commercials with large casts and loud music were underwhelming when pitted against the originality of a spot like the Kia ‘Babylandia’ commercial.

If there was a takeaway on what separated the good from the bad and ugly, it was that more special effects, larger casts, and louder music add up to much less than a good idea well-executed, be it still photos of stoic American farmers, the intimate partnership of colt and trainer, or the sexy charm of the Fiat family. Kia’s “Babylandia” spot won the hearts of viewers not so much for the effects, but for the design of the effects – very old-school futuristic, like the toys we played with as kids – and the dad’s realization that the fairy-tale he was spinning wasn’t working.

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